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Kaeser’s Mobilair Compressors are manufactured by Kaeser Kompressoren, a company which was founded in Germany in 1919 and it is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air systems. Kaeser’s advanced integration of modern IT systems and the latest innovation in compressor techniques has led to the company and its products being renowned throughout the world for their unrivalled product quality.

Mobilair is Kaeser’s portable compressor range and has free air delivery from 1,0 to 27m3 / min, with working pressure 7,10,12 or 14 bar. The range offers reliability, high capacity, easy maintenance, patented Anti-Frost regulation, all packages are super-soundproofed as standard to EEC-Norm 2000/14/EG – stage II, valid legal exhaust emission directives and a wide scope of accessories and hand tools are available.

 For more information about the Kaeser Mobilair Compressors product range, visit the Kaeser website.